The Lagoons Forum was established in September 2017 by the attendees of the First Lagoons For Life Workshop. Since then we have grown to include more scientists, institutes and projects. Recently, we linked with the BALLOON (Baltic Lagoon Network) initiative, which aims to facilitate and strengthen cross-border research, management and co-operation in Baltic lagoons and to provide a forum for exchange and discussion. For more information on BALLOON see here. You can also find the entry for L4L on the BALLOON website here.

As a result of our link to BALLOON, we have been in contact with research institutes, who joined our Lagoons Forum. These include the Marine Research Institute, Klaipeda University, Lithuania, and the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI), Poland. Increasing our network and number of case studies, will result in better communication and cooperation between scientists and institutes, as well as better co-designed management practices for dynamic and vulnerable lagoons around the world.